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The path of a business owner is not an easy one. From the first and every step that follows, being a small business owner, is a path where challenges seek you out to test your resolve. The challenges range in varying complexity and magnitude, with each day bringing newer, unforeseen twists and curves.

Business Owners: Challenges

Along with the challenge of planning and managing a business daily, others like hiring competent new employees and connecting with target clients weigh heavily on the owners’ minds at all times.  A crucial ongoing and stubborn challenge is the constant need for funds to operate a successful business. With all this in mind, we started Equeduct, the world’s first subscription-based small business financier.

Equeduct: Subscription-based Financier

In a time of much uncertainty, Equeduct serves as an anchor for small business owners, providing them the critical support and resources they need to power their companies. We are a relationship and performance-based lender; our clients come first. Their performance is valued and always rewarded. Our mission is to forge and maintain healthy financial relationships, so small business owners can sustain and develop the businesses they own and love.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with friendly and reliable user experience, unlike any other within the lending market. Beginning with a highly transparent and expedited application process, our team can quickly provide clients with financial solutions that are both affordable and dynamic.
Once onboarded, clients have both immediate and long term access to their online portal, which serves as a reliable well-of-funds. In a world in which capital is vital, our funds are easily accessible on demand. Simply put, we empower business owners by making capital available to them when they need it.

The Blog: Fund of Financial Know-how

We know how crucial information and knowledge is for businesses to function in today’s chaotic and competitive world. Equeduct’s Finance blog will offer a reserve of useful and relevant information.  It will provide market updates, financial tips, and strategies for small businesses, current industry trends, lists of useful tools and references, and more to aid small-enterprises in these uncertain times. Our blog promises to make a difference through innovative and effective content. We hope to assist the brave business owners in achieving their goals through our funding services and the blog.

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